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Measure ALL your print ads

We measure all the ads horizontally, write down the numbers and go back and measure all the ads vertically. That way we have measurements for all the ads. If we missed one going one way, chances are we’ll catch it going the other and can be sure it gets claimed.

If you measure horizontally Products 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 and 7. Vertically you measure all the ads and realize that you missed Product 4.

Goes to our Ruthless Aggression model of filing claims for people and an attitude you should take, too, if you’re in charge of filing co-op ad claims.

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How many co-op plans are there these days?

We don’t know how many co-op ad programs there are, but comparing two of the directories that we use from 2005 and 2008 respectively there are 800 pages in 2008 and 865 in the 2005. So there could be a few less programs or it could just be that the formats of the directories changed from one year to the next or that companies merged and two co-op plans became one or, of course, the ever popular smaller font so the publisher has to print fewer pages.

Good morning!

Good morning!

Co-op Cash Back Systems works for retailers and distributors preparing and filing their co-op ad claims.  We’ve successfully claimed millions of dollars.  Typically, we work in the Hardware/Lumber categories.  I’ll tell you some of the ideas that we’ve had over the years that will make it easier for you to file your co-op ad claims, keep track of your recievables and get more money back.  Some of it is work process, some is to help standardize what we’re all doing, some is philosophy.  All of it is to help you get all the reimbursements you can get.

We play by a couple of rules

Caveat #1 is that it has to be a good deal for everybody; manufacturer and retailer.

Caveat #2 is that whatever I tell you about co-op, there will be an exception.  If I say you can be reimbursed by check, credit memo or product, someone can always come up with “Well, my guy prints my bags.” or “I get a free lunch!”  Sure.  Good.  But those are the kind of reimbursements that we don’t see so we don’t know about them, can’t see them and can’t add them to your reimbursements report.

There’s always an exception to anything I say about co-op.

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