File Claims for Everything!

File claims for everything. We joke about filing claims for geraniums and crushed gravel; but we really have done it. You never know who is going to send you a check, whether they have an actual written plan or not, whether they’re in a co-op directory or not. (We got one of our stores $25 from a manufacturer that probably had never even had a claim filed with them before.) Even if there is no plan or reimbursement, it could well move you to the front of the line for scarce product or some other favorable treatment. And $25 may not sound like a lot but if you put it in the context of, say, a couple of quarts of Ben and Jerry’s and a 6-pack of Sam Adams it starts to make sense. And if you hit a couple of those a month it adds up over the course of a year.

It’s your money. Don’t just leave it there!

For the record, Co-op Cash Back Systems prepares and files claims for you. Call 508 643 1000 to see how to get set up.


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