Make it Easy on Yourself

Make it easier to physically do the work. For one of our local customers we use an actual old carton for this step. When your ad invoices arrive drop copies of them in the box. As tearsheets and other materials come in they go in the box, too. Once you’ve accumulated all the information you need you can get to work.

We do the electronic ads first because if they name more than one product we have to apply a certain amount of subjective reasoning to how much we bill to which vendors so it can be the slowest part of the process. It’s relatively downhill after this.

We take the newspapers and separate them by title: Daily Bugle in this pile, Hometown Ledger in that. We put a copy of the invoice with the papers and we’re well on our way with the display ads.

For flyers, we total up the printing, production and distribution costs and get started measuring. Don’t forget to deduct from the total area the small but legitimate space for your logo, location and that information that has to be there.

For everything else like outdoor, wearable’s, music-on-hold and web ads we apply basically the same math that we do for all the electronics. Be aggressive but fair.

We can run through these steps pretty fast because we have four tables and two copiers and we do it all day long, but you can do what we do in the conference room or on a large desk.


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