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We have a local, Massachusetts customer who seems to delight in advertising products that even we’ve never heard of. Impressive, considering we’ve generated the mother of all hardware/millwork/bag goods/tools databases over the past 25 or so years and we’ve heard of all kinds of products.

Well, this time we chugged through their 8-page circular, found 37 good, current claims and they are ALL in our database. We don’t have to Google anything, SRDS anything, call around or visit the library to borrow their Thomas Register to find any of their products this month!

It’s like hitting grand slam when someone’s co-op claims go that smoothly.

Now, if we can just keep our photocopier running…


That was fun…

The “Month Three is Free!” promotion ended and we did well with, among other things, two new customers from one state. Howdy Texas! Howyalldoin?

Looks like it’s time for us to review agricultural and feedlot products co-op programs.

If you want to offload your co-op ad claims, just give us a call.



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