Co-op Cash Back Systems has been filing co-op ad claims since 1980.  We’ve successfully filed millions of dollars of claims for scores of successful, aggressive retailers.  We’re based in a small town outside of Boston and next to Foxboro, Massachusetts (Home of the World’s Greatest Football Team!).  We’ve also worked for some very large retailers, co-ops and multi-store retailers.

I started the business while I was selling radio ads.  I would bring in a monthly invoice to an auto parts retailer and noticed that he had a bunch of my invoices in his outbox and had never sent them out.  I picked them up and moved them along for him.  At the same time, I noticed a lumber yard outside town wasn’t touching their co-op.  Their ad manager was a terrific artist and put together great flyers and radio ads but didn’t really have a handle on her co-op because of time constraints.  That launched Co-oPlanners.  We went through the store and made a list of all the products that they carried and wrote to the manufacturers and asked for copies of their co-op plans and asked them to include artwork, product shots, scripts, video, ideas and, of course, their plans.  Eventually, when it all arrived (material was still coming in six weeks later) I took it home and started breaking down all the material.

Later, the ad manager could say ‘Gee, I want to advertise in the Patriots games on the radio…” and look on the list of programs that were on the “Accept Radio” list.  Or outdoor, or wearables, or television (broadcast and cable) and so on.  We were even able to grade the programs by how well the manufacturers dealt with claims, getting the co-op ad packages into our hands, the completeness of the packages and so on.  We thought, for example, if it took over six weeks to respond it was too long.

Here’s one final thought for today; file promptly.

Good luck!


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